Apple IOS 10 new awesome features

Recently, Apple has released iOS 10 to the public and it included a lot of very new and unique features and improvements. As you may have noticed, there have been more changes in the Notes, Mail, Phone, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Maps, Music, News, Safari and Messages apps.
Many of the features are more subtle than others, but it is worth highlighting all 50 of these features mentioned below to help you adapt to the changes in iOS 10.

New Notes Feature


The Notes application on iOS 10 now enables clients to work together on notes. You can set this up by making a note and tapping on the cooperation symbol, which I have hovered in red in the photograph above. After you tap on that symbol, you can pick how you might want to send your Notes coordinated effort welcome whether it is through Messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and so forth.

New Phone/Voicemail Features

iOS 10 now allows you to download apps that warns users about incoming spam calls. For example, there is an app called Hiya that shows a “do not enter” shield when it determines that an incoming phone call is coming from a number that is known for being a scam or fraud.

Presently when you miss a telephone call and get a voice message in iOS 10, you will have the capacity to peruse an interpretation of the message. This component is convenient in the event that you can’t answer your telephone since you are stuck in a meeting.

New Camera/Photo Features

Incorporated with the Photos application is another component called Memories. The Memories highlight pulls together photographs in light of the areas and times to naturally create video slideshows. This element depends on the photographs in your Camera Roll to produce the video slideshow. For instance, one of the recordings that was created from my Camera Roll in the Memories tab was called “Best of Last 3 Months.”
Inside the collections area of the Photos application, you will see that iOS 10 has made a People and Places envelope by recognizing the characteristics of individuals and areas in your photographs. After you input the names of the general population in your Photos, at that point you can undoubtedly scan for photographs of those individuals by name from your Camera Roll. Furthermore, the hunt highlight now likewise gives you a chance to look for things like a “shoreline,” a “football game” or a “puppy.”

New Maps Features

Apple Maps has outsider applications combination, including applications like Yelp and OpenTable. Presently when you look for an area and select the computerized card of that business from the Maps application, it will demonstrate the important substance, for example, the surveys, the menu and reservation alternatives

Select Your Preferred Transportation Mode

If you live in a big city, then it seems likely that you commute mostly by walking and taking the train. Apple Maps lets you set your preferred transportation mode by going to Settings > Maps and then selecting Driving, Walking or Transit
Quickly Share Locations With 3D Touch

Using 3D Touch on the iPhone, you can quickly share your location from the Maps app. How? Simply push down on the Maps icon and tap on “Send My Location” to do so.

New Music Features

The Music app has been redesigned so that you can view the lyrics to songs while you are listening to them. To see the lyrics of a song while it is playing, scroll down the “Now Playing” section and you will see it below the audio controls.

Favorites Mix

New Safari Features

Side by Side tabs in Safari / Photo Credit: Lifehacker

In the event that you have an iPad, at that point you can see two sites in next to each other tabs. As indicated by Lifehacker, this can be set up by opening Safari and squeezing and holding down the tab catch at the upper right corner. When you push down on the tab catch, a fly up will request that you “Open Split View.” Then you can drag a tab to one side or the privilege. This component deals with the iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad smaller than expected 4.

New Messages Features

One of the biggest iOS 10 announcements was the iMessage App Store. Now you can find apps created specifically for iMessage when you tap on the App Store icon within iMessage, tapping on the four circles at the bottom left and then tapping on “+” Store icon. Some of the popular apps located in the iMessage app store includes Fandango, ESPN, Square Cash, iTranslate, Words With Friends, iMoji, The Weather Channel and Poll.
Send A Photo Or A Selfie Without Leaving iMessage

Now you can take a selfie or a photo and send it out without having to leave iMessage because that function is inline. You can also easily scroll through your photos in the camera roll without leaving iMessage.

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