Facebook Video Downloader for Mobile and Web

Watching videos on the mobiles now a days comes second to listening to music as a source of entertainment. YouTube and Facebook are two of the top social sites where you can watch the best and entertaining videos on your smartphones and desktop systems.

Facebook Video Download for Android

We can use many apps for Facebook video download which are available on the Play Store. But here we will give you the best app APK for free Download which will give you an easy step to play or download videos on your Android Phones. Its free to use and friendly interface.

Download APK

When you install and launch the app for the first time, it will ask to log in using your Facebook account. When you done that, the app will show your facebook wall feed and the sidebar will help you navigate to specific sections. From here you can navigate to specific pages and groups to browse videos.
With the help of this application you be able to download video from facebook, save videos on the sdcard and play in disconnected without web association.

Download video from Facebook and save on to mobile sdcard.

Open the Facebook application and tap on a Videos, on the popup window click “Facebook Video Download”.

Your download will begin.

Facebook Video Download for Web

I am going to tell you the method
How to download facebook videos from browsers without any extension or without any software.

1. open the video link you want to download from the facebook. Example Links


2.┬áChange the URL to the mobile version URL. You need to do is switch “www” or “web” with “m” as shown below:


3. Right click on the video and you will get the option “Save video as” just click on it.

4. Then you will get a pop-up window to download the video. Simply rename the video and save where ever you want to store it in your hard

This is the best and easy ItGuro Facebook trick which works 100%. So if you don’t have time for downloading extension and software give a try to this.

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